Assam Election 2021


CCTV Systems installation and management at 15340 locations during the 3-phase Assam Assembly Elections (March – April 2021)

The letter and spirit of democracy is realized only when there is conduct of free and fair election. If conduct of the State elections is primary for the State Election Commission, keeping a check on all malpractices is also equally important. The CCTVs installed at different polling stations help the electoral officers to monitor the election process, and helps to keep a check on any wrong practices.

 Brihaspathi Technologies, Hyderabad is a pioneer in the installation and maintenance of innovative, high quality and reliable CCTV systems. During March – April 2021 we have capably extended our expertise to the Election Department, Assam. Significantly, we took to fruition the free and fair conduct of Assam State Assembly elections held in three phases. With a total of 126 constituencies, the overall polling percentage in the Assam Assembly elections was 82.04 percent.

The high rate of voting, and the challenges therein couldn't have been adequately met if not for the strategic use of innovative information communication technology (ICT). Taking this momentum further is the stupendous contribution of Brihaspathi Technologies that installed CCTV systems at a mammoth 15340 locations across different localities during the 3-phased Assam Assembly elections. Also, we utilized the services of huge manpower of 33000 for the conduct of free and fair elections across Assam.

Brihaspathi Technologies support in the conduct of free and fair elections in Assam is a remarkable and unparalleled milestone. This project is also significant for Brihaspathi Technologies as it was empowered by Live Webcast that helped the Chief Electoral Officer to keep a watch on the polling activity at all polling stations, at one time. The elections' observer Sudarsanam Srinivasan, and the Chief Electoral Officer Nitin Khade, Assam expressed total satisfaction with the Brihaspathi's support on CCTV surveillance and monitoring systems.

High accolades and appreciation came from media, public and political leaders for the innovative and reliable CCTV installation and management by Brihaspathi Technologies. With the command-and-control centre located at State Monitoring Room, Dispur, Guwahati, CCTV recordings were captured live from every polling booth. Definitely, this made it easy for the State's election commission, and the law and order machinery to take close view of the happenings at every location, throughout Assam in the three phased elections.

In the last one decade, Brihaspathi Technologies has emerged as one of the leading CCTV camera suppliers in Hyderabad, India. The CCTV installation and maintenance project work begins with conducting awareness programs in the gated communities, apartments and individual houses. In the public sector some of our prestigious clients include Nationalized Banks, Private Banks, State’s Traffic Departments, Cooperative Banks and Societies, etc. The importance of surveillance systems and CCTV cameras in controlling security breaches and the subsequent crime are adequately addressed. Brihaspathi Technologies Hyderabad offers reliable, quality, innovative and custom CCTV surveillance systems to the general public, departments of the government and private organizations. The benefits gained are phenomenal.

  • Hinders the thieves and burglars from entering the premises
  • Negates any sort of encroachment, break-ins, unlawful and prohibited actions
  • Provides for a reliable and consistent vigilance and security mechanism
  • Provides for a 24/7 convenient way to monitor house, office, go-down, factory
  • Overcomes the challenges of vagaries of cold weather, rainy or summer season
  • Provides for monitoring of gardens, lawns, play areas, lobby and parking lots
  • Helps to monitor children and seniors left under the care of caretakers
  • Helps traffic police to take surveillance of roads, junctions and toll gates

The Assam Assembly Elections of March – April 2021 offered a significant challenge for the technical and management teams at Brihaspath Technologies. This CCTV surveillance and monitoring project across all polling booths of Assam posed challenges of both technological and personnel management. With the profound and proven experience of team leaders, and competent personnel Brihaspathi Technologies scripted success for all the stakeholders. Now, the vision, mission and future of Brihaspathi Technologies as the premium and mega CCTV surveillance systems provider is very well established. Brihaspathi Technologies Hyderabad envisions a peaceful, crime-free and progressive India by taking to fruition CCTV surveillance projects of bigger scale, and greater reach to safeguard the security and surveillance concerns of public, private and corporate, phenomenally.