Domain Registration

The domain name is the first sign of identity for any business, online. It is considered as the foundation of your website. The domain name of your website helps your customers, visitors and clients to find you on Internet. The domain name helps your customers and prospects to connect to your site's pages, which in technical terms means to access your company' pages on the server.

Brihaspathi Technologies helps clients to avail the right, matching and SEO friendly domain names. Each domain name that is offered also allows for good URL structure, and easy navigation. Our choice of domain names helps you to attract a large number of new clients, increase product trade volume, and supply products and services across different regions and geographies.

Brihaspathi Technologies helps clients to choose the right domain with matching extensions (.com, .in,, .uk etc). Our domain registration services help in easy identification of your business and products online. You can either choose a related or a completely unrelated name as your domain. However, we ensure that your domain name suggests and speaks for your company and your offerings.

The domain names that we offer to our clients help in making their businesses greatly visible and noticeable. Our objective is to prove each business' professional competence to competitors via right domain name registration.

Five questions about Domain Registration

1. What is the procedure of domain name registration?

You need to fill-in the form, and make the payment. On receiving your payment, we will register your choicest domain immediately. Domain registration details can be accessed at your control panel. However, domain names can be registered only on clearing the availability check. If your choicest domain name is already registered by another user, you can buy from the user at a negotiated price. We advise you to buy domains that match your business, and carry your business key-words.

2. In what period of time domain name is registered?

It depends on the DNS server updates. However, the domain name registration may happen within 24 to 48 hours duration.

3. What happens if I have already paid for domain name, but it is taken?

We suggest, you first check the availability of the domain before you book it, and make the payment. If you have already paid for it, you will get the refund of the payment made for the domain.

4. Is domain registered on the name of the client?

Yes. The domain is registered in your name, or business name. Due to legal and identify conditions, you should enter all details in the domain registration form, which may include your name, address, mail ID and phone numbers.

5. Where the domain name is registered?

We register your domains with different ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) accredited companies.

6. If I have made a mistake and registered wrong domain name, can it be changed?

No, you cannot edit or change your domain name once it is registered.

Hosting Services

Brihaspathi Technologies offers robust and quality web hosting services to businesses based in India and abroad. Our dynamic and custom web hosting packages allows individuals and organizations to have a vibrant and potential online presence. We have tied-up with reliable server-space providers in US to bring to each client reliable and flexible web hosting services.

Our end-to-end web hosting services allow for single page hosting and development of complex sites, that need database support and application development platforms (e.g. PHP, Java, Ruby on Rails, ColdFusion, or ASP.NET).

We focus on the key aspects of web hosting services: Availability and Uptime. We ensure that each website hosted on our servers is publicly accessible and reachable all through the year. We have different web hosting packages, that suit all categories of individual users and meet in total the each business' needs and expectations.

Free Web Hosting: Hosting services are offered for free. However, this allows for posting of advertisements of our products and services, and of third parties

Shared Hosting: You can place your website along with others' websites on the same server. Useful for individuals, and small businesses which may not require any major software and updates.

Reseller Hosting: You can become your own hosting company with ownership of a virtual dedicated server. Here, you have the benefit to host your own sites on the server, as well as host others' sites also on your server.

Dedicated Hosting Service: Here, you get your own Web server and will gain full control over it (user has root access for Linux/administrator access for Windows)

Managed hosting service: You will get your own Web server, but you are not allowed to have full control over it (user is denied root access for Linux/administrator access for Windows)

Cloud hosting: It is now the latest trend in hosting services. Cloud hosting is preferred for its galore of benefits: Scalability, Reliability, Security, and Affordability. Hardware issues, power interruptions, and natural disasters can be truly avoided with cloud hosting.

Brihaspathi Technologies' hosting services are compatible with a variety of popular Content Management Systems (CMS) & Shopping Carts. We have expertise in Wordpress Hosting, DotNetNuke Hosting, Drupal and Joomla Hosting. Each CMS hosting package enables your business to leverage on dynamic web presence, and powerful online applications.

Web Design

At Brihaspathi Technologies, we understand that, web design has come a long way. Starting from static web pages, it grew to become dynamic, later to emerge into advanced CMS sites. Now, with the growth in the smart phones and tablet PCs, the momentum is towards designing of responsive websites.

In two decades, we have kept pace with the momentum of web design with an offer of compelling designs, and business specific templates. We have moved businesses from static web pages to dynamic ecommerce pages. Now the movement is to take businesses from the predominance of desktop to mobile and smart interfaces that mean to realize the benefits of mcommerce for greater accessibility and visibility online.

Our website designing process follows a definite methodology:

  1. Get a gainful understanding of the business and competition
  2. First develop a strategic plan and design the site accordingly
  3. Decide on the crucial design elements that contribute to visual appeal as well as optimization fo the website
  4. Depending on the nature of your business the web pages need to be developed as HTML, Flash or ecommerce site

Our maturity in web design services presents a unique blend of publishing, user interface design (UID) and technology. We understand that, we aren't just designing a website, but giving an enthralling and memorable experience to the viewers and visitors of your website.

Web design, outwardly may mean something which is visually appealing. However, we consider that, a website's design echoes the thought process of the designer, and the universal appeal it means to convey by choice of colours, font, layout and arrangement of different design elements.

Basically, our web design approach aims to achieve two things: A website should not only attract users, but also help in interacting with them. So, when we design websites, we focus equally on elements that further attraction and interaction.

Brihaspathi Technologies web designing services presents four prominent features:

Professional designing: Our team has rich and proven experience in designing appealing and interactive websites. We custom develop websites based on each business' needs and competition.

Great Look and Sensitive Feel: Great look and feel of a website creates a memorable impression on all the website visitors.

Latest Design Trends: By taking into consideration the web expectations of 2.0 and 3.0, we offer custom web design services. If creativity is the key to successful web design, it is innovative technology that helps in promoting interactivity between the web elements and users.

Website Development

The success of a website much depends on the development process that goes into it. Brihaspathi Technologies' team of web developers help in identifying the functional requirements of each business website, later leverage on best-in-the-class technologies to develop custom web applications.

Amongst scores of web development firms, how are we different:

Semantic use of HTML: Our idea is to make HTML separate and semantic from the programming codes. Our HTML expertise takes us to increased use of HTML5, which comes with a feature rich toolset which includes animations, graphics, videos, music, and more.

Most importantly, HTML5 allows for use of various geo-location technologies like GPS, RFID, Wi-Fi and IP address. In combination with CSS3 we develop appealing web pages and amazing websites. As HTML 5 allows for cross platform development, we use its code in developing applications fro PC, Tablet, Smart Phone and Smart TV.

Innovative Technologies: We leverage on latest and innovative technologies (PHP, Java, Flash etc) to ensure that the web development conventions are adhered, and best practices are upheld. Our choice of technologies is based on system performance and efforts to keep it up-to-date

Dynamic Testing Process: When it means testing a website or a web application, our focus is on testing an application on different environments that may include hardware, add-ons, and other software. This is done to ensure that the each web application remains platform independent

Robust Workflows: Robust Workflows: By adhering to an established and proven workflow process, we ensure that the web applications and functionalities function as expected and required.

Brihaspathi Technologies deals with the following categories of web development.

LAMP Development: When your websites require heavy coding due to complex functionalities, we leverage on this stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP). We offer a host of benefits to online businesses by developing Error Free websites that present well suited UI, integrated shopping cart, speed optimization, dynamic web pages, and cross-platform compatibility.

LAMP Development: When your websites require heavy coding due to complex functionalities, we leverage on this stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP). We offer a host of benefits to online businesses by developing Error Free websites that present well suited UI, integrated shopping cart, speed optimization, dynamic web pages, and cross-platform compatibility.

Joomla Development: Our experience with Joomla has made us to build responsive, resilient and secure websites for business across different verticals and geographies. Our Joomla Development expertise includes, Set-up and configuration, Maintenance and support, Component Development & Customization, Migration and Upgradation, Theme development and configuration, Bugs & error fixing, and Extension development.

Wordpress Development: We have banked majorly on Wordpress websites for not just its 1000+ features but also for its scores of functionalities. We help clients to leverage on the robust and stunning Wordpress designs and applications. Our portfolio of Wordpress development services includes, Set-up and configuration, Site migration and upgradation, Backup and securities, Bugs and error fixing, Theme development-setup-configuration, Plugin & widget development, and Customization-maintenance-support

Magento Development: Magento is an open-source ecommerce software that allows for easy and affordable creation and management of e-store. When the client's requirement is for ecommerce sites, our choice will definitely be for Magento development. We leverage on Magento to achieve themes and extensions development, site-analytics and reporting, Order management and shopping cart development, Upgradation and migration, Accounts and services, and ecommerce site development.

Web Application Development: Our web application development includes Structured UI, Impressive Layouts, Interactive Features, Multi-browser Compatibility, Quick upgrades, far lower loading times, tested across browsers and operating systems, and adhere to clear and precise mark-up.

Custom Web Development: We aim to deliver what we promise, which is the maxim of our custom web development initiatives. Our focus is on developing responsive websites that allow for compatibility across screens, accommodate custom plug-ins, creation of proper URL structure and XML sitemap, and developing LAMP based websites that are SEO semantic.

Ecommerce Development: We design and develop ecommerce websites that can deliver for each business a wide customer base, low running expenses, unlimited space for product display, and the ability to track consumer behaviour. Brihaspathi Technologies' Ecommerce development covers minimize cart desertion and quick checkout, and custom payment gateways as per the requirements of the clients. Remarkably, we ensure that all coding is done by hand, and never relies on any code generator. This allows for robust and smooth ecommerce operations.

CMS Based Websites

Brihaspathi Technologies leverages on CMS website development to achieve simple and smooth workflow for each client's online business. The chief benefit of CMS websites is that, they do not demand for complex and incomprehensible coding to update content on a regular basis.

When your requirement is for blogs, news sites and shopping sites that demand for constant and continuous web updates we suggest web development based on popular CMSs, WordPress, Joomla, and others. We also bank on CMS website development with the requirement is for appealing look, stunning themes and diverse plug-in functionalities.

Brihaspathi Technologies offers CMS website development services that are resounding, expressive and user-friendly. At each CMS website, we focus on content presentation, captivating layout, creation of elements that are editable and enhanceable, adherence to best quality norms and standards, provide for simple and appealing designs, create pages that allow for easy navigation, and finally develop CMS websites that are dynamic and editable.

CMS based web development includes the following process:
  1. Understanding your business, customer and competition
  2. Evolving a client approved wireframe
  3. Design and development by experienced software architects and developers
  4. Providing unique and personalized sites that help you to outrace your competition

CMS based sites: FAQs

  1. What is a CMS based website?

    CMS means Content Management System, it allows for controlling and managing of the content within the website by anyone, even without technical training. CMS sites allow for easy addition, deletion and editing of text as well as images on the web pages.

  2. Do CMS websites need any technical knowledge, to manage and update?

    There is no need for any technical experience (development or programming). CMS websites allow for editing on any normal web browser.

  3. What are the benefits of having a CMS based website?

    You can manage your web pages (text and visuals), avoid delays that often happen with vendor-based web development, and keep your website up-to-date on the data presented.

  4. Why should you choose Brihaspathi Technologies for your CMS based website development?

    Brihaspathi Technologies is a professionally managed web development company. Our professional Joomla developers help you with developing CMS based websites that mean to deliver high value for money spent. By developing CMS based websites, we aim to deliver not only high level of functionality but also generate traffic and business for each client.

  5. What type of businesses requires CMS based websites?

    Usually, CMS based websites are opted by small, medium and enterprise level businesses. As CMS based sites allow for quick uploads and web updates, it is found suitable for firms working across regions and nations. Uploads to the website that include text docs, graphics, video, audio and diagrams can be easily facilitated and managed.

E-Commerce Websites

Brihaspathi Technologies helps the global retail industry to leverage on the potential of ecommerce. Our e-commerce websites come in wonderful design and appeal, and can be viewed on all devices like desktops, tablets, iPads and iPhones.

The shopping habits, needs and expectations of the customers are taken into consideration before we design and develop an ecommerce site. We ensure that, all our ecommerce web development efforts result in increased online sales.

We impart success to each client by providing easy navigation, and quick ordering process with one-step checkout. As per the client's needs, we also include referral programs, optimization and online marketing features. We have the expertise to connect with Facebook any type of store: Magento, Opencart, Prestashop, Shopify, eBay, WooCommerce, Amazon, csCart, Zen Cart, VirtuMart, GoogleBase, and osCommerce.

Brihaspathi Technologies’ Magento solutions include, Magento Custom Theme Design & Implementation, Extension Customization, Custom Module Development, Migration to Magento, Version upgrades, and Websites maintenance.

Each Magento store comes with customize unique design, Search Engine Friendly and W3C validated html code, customer friendly Shopping Options, customer created Wish Lists and Share Wish Lists, Products Pics, description and Price Sharing on Social Sites, Rich Pins, Multiple Payment & Shipping Options, Cart Management – Important Feature, Automated Email Reminders, Product Review, Customer Reward Points, Gift Certificate, Real Zoom on Product Images, Multiple Product Images, Separate Price for General Public and Whole sellers, Product Search, Product Ratings, Newsletter Integration with Mail Chimp and other third party Customer Groups, Custom Development Scalability, Better Speed & Performance in comparison with other open source ecommerce system, Security Compliance, Mobile Commerce, Customer Feedback, Product Comparisons, Similar And Recently Viewed Products, Single Page Checkout – Best Checkout Experience, Guest Checkout, Discount Coupons for Customers, Multiple Currency Support, and Multi Language Support.

Ecommerce Development: FAQs

  1. What type of store platform does a business need?

    It all depends on the number and diversity of products that each business is willing to sell online. Our use multiple store systems. It may be either based on Magenta or may be some Open Cart. Our experience in ecommerce tells us that small stores can leverage on Woocommerce (via the Wordpress Platform). We also design and develop custom store systems.

  2. How do I upload my products onto the website?

    From your existing site or database you can export the products and import them into the new store. If you have just launched an ecommerce website, you can upload products through the admin panel in which you can add / edit / remove products of all categories. The chief benefit of our ecommerce development is the provision for content management abilities, where uploads are made easy and convenient.

  3. How are people going to find my online store?

    Through a custom and strategic online marketing program, we ensure that visitors/customers come to your ecommerce site, and do shopping. We will also help you to sell your products on other ecommerce websites such as,, and

  4. How much does it cost to have an online store built?

    An ecommerce website's design and development cost depends on the size of your business, product categories, and geographical reach.

  5. How long does it take your team to build my shopping cart website?

    An ecommerce web design and development includes, consulting, content, design, development, search engine optimization, beta testing, etc. Our expertise and the ecommerce platform that we choose for your business are also deciding.

  6. Do you provide tech support if I have any technical issues with my ecommerce website?

    We have one of the best customer service divisions at our establishment. Your technical issues and queries are recorded and sent to the concerned project personnel for rectification and redressal.

  7. Do you have ecommerce ready hosting packages?

    Yes, we have different e-commerce ready hosting packages.

    Is the ecommerce website design solution compatible with all browsers?

    We test all ecommerce sites at the major internet browsers, which include new versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera.

Website Re-Designing

If you are searching for a website redesign company that will help in driving value through matching images, more traffic, high rankings and leads and phenomenal sales, you have reached the right place.

Brihaspathi Technologies offers your business an enhanced online experience with as assurance on rich images, more website traffic, and more leads and sales. Our website redesign strategy is based on your marketing perspective, and business goals.

Before we embark on your website redesign, we understand and match your business goals with customer needs. Our website Redesign strategy focuses on,

Our website redesigning services have helped clients to witness dramatic boost in their conversion rates, leads and sales. As we understand, the success of an online business majorly depends on a clear content strategy or compelling marketing message. So, the website design should uphold and market your marketing message, not just simply present a pretty picture of your business.

Our website redesign services help each business to define and clarify on their online business marketing goals. The four features of our website redesign process are,

Strategy: First we create a plan that syncs our experience with your needs. Later, we implement the plan for complete online success of your website.

Marketing: We leverage on proven and custom digital marketing strategies to drive traffic to your website, increase leads and generate business.

Creative: Each business website should present the look, feel and flavour of its domain. Through custom website redesign process, we realize for businesses complete value for money.

Interactivity: Customers keep visiting websites that allow for interaction and interactivity. Our focus on interactive design elements endears your website to users across computers, tablets and phones. Ecommerce. Mobile Apps. Content Management System, and Content Development.

The impact of our website re-design strategy is seen as, increase in the sales of your products and services, extension of your business to new geographies, and new customers with potential for repeat business from them. Through custom re-design process, we help in enhancing the brand image and brand value of your business. This we achieve by adhering to standards of quality design and branding.

Our endeavours are to impart ease of use and provide for flexibility to each client from each web redesign service. This we ensure, by leveraging on platforms that allow businesses to achieve instant creation, updating and publishing of content.

Website Maintanance

Brihaspathi Technologies helps clients in achieving simple to complex website maintenance activities. We help you to focus on your core work and outsource your website maintenance to us. Our dedicated web maintenance team helps you with design, development, implementation, and testing updates of any size at your site.

Web updates are done on a day-to-day basis, few others are done on periodical basis, and few others are of immediate/urgent nature. Our portfolio of web maintenance services include,

Website maintenance is a continuous activity, may it be uploading images or update of functionalities. Finally, the purpose of keeping the website fresh and updated has to be served. A vital point, website maintenance also helps to keep your website in the forefront of search listings, and stand apart from the competitor sites.

We offer website maintenance on a short-term and long-term basis. Usually, a website maintenance contract lasts for one year (date to date). However, clients can opt for the monthly maintenance package, where the charges are based on the size of the website, and complexity of functionalities that are to be maintained.

As per the website maintenance contract, we allow for redesigning web pages, adding, deleting and editing graphics on the web pages. If new pages need to be added to the existing website, charges will apply. Website maintenance calls for sustained relationships and long-term collaborative partnerships.

Main functions of our website maintenance team include,