Temperature Measurement Kit

CW180 is a Integrated wrist temperature measurement system , It consists of temperature measurement+Image Acquisition system, date storage and bussiness showing system, HD display system. This system has such advantages as high accuracy of measuring temperature, complete bussiness showing, high equipment integration. It can be flexible deploied, and be widely used in school, hotel, enterprise, government building, supermarket, business premises, etc.

Product feature

≤0.3°C temperature measurement accuracy Automatic temperature measurement, the demo video is played continuously for 24 hours Support voice linkage, real-time alarm of fever people Display and record the data of human face and temperature measurement in real-time Integrated delivery, be used directly at the moment of arrival. The bracket can be adjusted up and down,suitable for all kinds of people

Product delivery

Product Model English name Product segments
CW180 Integrated wrist temperature measurement system IPC+temperature measurement module temperature measurement NVR screen+bracket

Module presentation

  • 1Temperature measurement module: Detect wrise temperature information
  • 2IPC module: Detect human face , snapshot face Images, collect and overlay temperature infomation.
  • 3NVR module: Recieve face images and temperature information from the front end,show locally, store data and export reports.
  • V4Displayer module: Display the temperature measurement interface of NVR
  • 5Bracket module: Install IPC, screen, temperature measurement module and associated equipment. It can be adjusted up and down and move freely.
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Integrated temperature measurement and advertising machine
  • 【Temperature measurement part】
  • 1Live interface:Show live screen
  • 2Temperature display interface:show the information of snapped face, temperature, temperature status

3Detection number interface:display the number of historical detection , total today, normal and alarm

  • 1Display advertising: Freely overlay advertising image information

Integrated temperature measurement and advertising machine

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