Escalation Matrix

We are adopting Service Escalation Matrix, for the speedy resolution of our customer’s complaints. It is step by step process were your unsolved complaints will be carry forwarded to next level of technical team.

Step 1: Register a compliant at our Company’s helpline number 9676031111 or mail us at were you will be given a compliant number and tries to solve your issue within 24 hours.

Step 2: If you have not received a satisfactory response from the channels as per Step 1, you can escalate your query to 9676021111 or at (Technical Support Executive) please provide us with your name, mobile number and complaint reference number assigned to you for speedy resolution.

Step 3: If your query has not been resolved to your satisfaction as per Step 2, you can escalate this complaint to Network Engineer at 9177999960 Or at Please mention the complaint reference number assigned to you for speedy resolution.

Step 4: Incase you are still not satisfied with the solution you can write in to the Human Resource Person at 9989994488 Or Email with your Compliant reference number.

Step 5: Unfortunately if you are still unsatisfied with the solutions given by our team you can directly contact our Vice President at 9676212345 or mail at please don’t forget at add your customer complaint reference number.


  • Customer service is not a department for us, it is the motto of our company.
  • Please don’t forget to take complaint reference number while registering a complaint. As it makes our job easier to resolve your complaints.
  • Please follow step by step procedure as mentioned above.

For Any Support Issues Please Contact

+91 9676021111