LED Lights and Drivers

LED technology has re-defined contemporary lighting and its impact on man's living spaces and ecology. LED bulbs now offer complete expression to changing trends in modern living. LED lighting is known for its vibrant expressions with its heritage and functional ramifications.

Brihaspathi Technologies offers complete LED lighting solutions and innovative LED lighting products. Our exquisite collection of LED bulbs are made to match each individual' lighting taste and choice of ambience. We have different types of LED bulbs for bathrooms, bed and living rooms, outdoor, kids room, kitchen, home office and functional uses.

The range of LED bulbs available go with matching soft pals, night lights, flash lights, table lamps, pendants, walls and ceiling lights. All the LED bulbs we supply are energy efficient and uphold the green lighting standards.

By leveraging our extensive LED driver IC products we create innovative solutions in signage, backlighting, automotive and general LED lighting applications. Regardless of topology, these LED driver ICs offer the highest efficiency, lowest noise, and the smallest footprints.