Mobile Applications

Brihaspathi Technologies offers end-to-end mobile development services. We offer best in the class Android, Windows and iOS apps development services. Our team of mobile apps developers offers support on developing cost-effective, and feature-rich mobile apps.

With proven experience in major platforms and frameworks used for the development of mobile apps, we assure our clients far lesser turn-around time in custom apps development.

Brihaspathi Technologies’ mobile apps developers have rich experience in developing enterprise, ecommerce, educational and utility mobile apps. We have introduced innovative mobile apps based on cloud technology like AWS (Amazon Web Services), iCloud, Rackspace, Azure, Dropbox, Amazon S3, and Content Delivery Networks etc.

We put the best mobile developers, designers, and creative engineers on each mobile apps development project. Brihaspathi Technologies’ expertise is in multi-touch, accelerometers, and mobile application design for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Brihaspathi Technologies has a special approach to mobile apps development. Our Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology helps in creating unique solutions.

Mobile apps for Retail Sector:

Brihaspathi Technologies specializes in developing mobile apps for the strong presence of the retail sector. Mobile presence for the retail brand means to engage smartly with customers and promote interactivity through the global medium.

In the world today, more than 50 percent of the retail customer base belongs to the smart phone segment. With increased use of smart phones to access shopping information, deals and discounts data, the challenges of mobile commerce had to be met with the right mobile apps.

To facilitate robust mcommerce, we have developed mobile apps for creation of shopping cart, product search, and payment and shipping status. We provide for creation of Wish Lists, Store Locators and prompt Customer Support.

We ensure that all mobile apps should help in enhancing each business' bottom-line, and help in increasing customer engagement.

Our mobile apps team includes a team of experienced developers, and presents an In-Depth knowledge of frameworks and mobile technologies: iPad apps, Android apps, Windows apps development. We have an on-demand capacity to meet tight deadlines, and quality oriented work process. At all project engagements, we ensure timely delivery and cost effective services. We are recognized for developing high quality and robust mobile apps.

Android Applications

Android is the fastest growing mobile operating system. It has been preferred by smart phone users for its versatile, user-friendly and flexible applications. Brihaspathi Technologies is a professional Android apps service provider which meets holistically the custom mobile application development needs of users.

Our Android Development expertise includes, conceptualization, design, development, testing and deploying of mobile apps.

Brihaspathi Technologies' Android application developers are proficient in creating android application / mobile applications, testing in a simulator, and porting to mobile devices.

Our Android apps development differentiators include

Brihaspathi Technologies’ expertise in the development of Android apps includes diverse sectors: Finance, Business, Game, Security, ecommerce, travel and map, and healthcare. Some of the common applications developed for the Android Include: Multimedia Application, Location-Based Tools Applications, Barcode Scanners Applications, Travel Guides Applications, Games Application, and Utility Applications.

IOS Applications

Brihaspathi Technologies’ competency in iPhone apps development is proven and established over multiple client engagements. We have kept ourselves up-to-date on iPhone technologies, and helped clients in the development of bespoke, robust and reliable applications.

Each iPhone apps development follows an established approach that includes

Our iPhone apps development capabilities include, working exclusively on iPhone SDK, knowledge of using iPhone simulators, and explore best features of the latest version of iOS and iPhone.

Our iPhone apps development matches the expectations of the target audience with the competencies of designers. Each iPhone app developed is ensured to be polished, seamless, and bug-free allowing for intuitive operation and stability.

Brihaspathi Technologies’ iPhone apps expertise presents, teams of professional designers whose primary concern is to ensure that the layout is well suited for small screen mobile devices. We take a creative approach to ensure that your business stands unique amongst competitors. We create totally, user-friendly designs that can be accessed by users on the go. We also specialize in developing custom iPhone apps as per the clients' requirements and needs.