Solar Power Suppliers For Home

Brihaspathi Technologies offers a variety of solar products such as solar panels, solar lighting, lanterns and water pumps; we enhance each customer's solar experience with an offer of complete solar home solutions.

Each solar home that we build makes the household self-sufficient in power, with the benefit to sell power to State Electricity Boards (SEBs) for additional revenue generation. A solar home includes power grid, PV modules, solar inverters, junction box, battery, and the AC Distribution Box.

By switching to residential solar, you can save a lot on power bills, contribute your part to lesser carbon footprint, and share excess power with the community and society. Our solar products and solutions also help clients facing continuous power failures at home or office.

There may be a low voltage issue in his area and installing a new transformer in the locality may be too remote. In these cases, by install a grid interactive solar system, the voltage imbalances are corrected and overcome.