Thermographic Fever Screening System

Solution Composition

1*Bullet thermal camera, 1*Black body , 2*Tripod, 1*PC Client

Camera Resolution

Thermal camera : 384 × 288 pixels Visible light camera : 2MP


  • High accuracy with blackbody, only ±0.3℃ deviation.
  • Easy installation and simple configuration.
  • Display on visible light & thermal live view
  • Alarm for abnormal temperature of multi people at the same time
  • Capture when alarm is triggered
  • Auto Correction of body and surface temperatures
Italian Trulli
Set up tips:
  • Keep the distance between target and camera about 2.5 ~3.5 m
  • The black body is used together with body temperature measurement bullet, 1.5m ~ 3m away from the camera
  • Make sure that the black body would not be blocked by other targets during temperature measurement

Recommend to set up the solution in a stable environment without wind in the indoor space .

Italian Trulli

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