Fire Hydrants Suppliers in Hyderabad

A fire hydrant is a source of water provided in most urban, suburban and rural areas. This water source will enable fire fighters to tap into the municipal water supply to assist in extinguishing a fire.

Brihaspathi Technologies offers a range of fire hydrants that not only help in spontaneous fire fighting, but also help in ready availability of water supplies to extinguish fire.

It is mandatory to have fire hydrants at schools, hospitals, hotels and business establishments. This calls for instant availability of fire hydrants with adequate water supplies for fire fighting.

Our support is on two levels - One provide the entire fire hydrant system for the entire organization/complex, and to supply individual equipment viz AC motors, valves, instrumentation and controls.

In addition to installation of the fire hydrants, we also offer prompt service support that addresses small to large issues such as leaks in the system pipelines, valves and fittings.

We deal in all types of fire hydrants.

Our experience with different clients across verticals tells us that, choosing the right fire protection solution means to guarantee complete protection for the facility. We go a mile ahead in fire control systems, with supply of not only fire alarm systems but also supporting equipment that helps in emergency power shutdown management, and intrusion detection system.

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