E-Mobility Services

Brihaspathi bulksms

Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS has been very successful as a potential marketing tool. Two major benefits are, easy reach to target

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Bulk Voice Calls

Bulk Voice Calls is a unique way to reach-out to your potential customers. Brihaspathi Technologies helps

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Brihaspathi bulkemail


Brihaspathi Technologies helps small, medium and big businesses to follow-up with each new prospect to increase sales.

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Tollfree Number

As understood, each business that is in B2C environment needs a tool free number. Having a tool free number

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Brihaspathi shortcode

Short Code

Brihaspathi Technologies provides premium short code services to small and medium businesses. As understood,

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Long Code

The Long Code generally serves as an alternative to each personal mobile number. You can receive and send messages on your Long Code.

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Brihaspathi missedcalls

Missed Call Alert

Now, you will never miss your calls. With Brihaspathi Technologies' Missed Call Alert Services, you can get sms alerts

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Audio Conferenceing

Brihaspathi Technologies' audio conferencing services help managements and teams to achieve robust and quality

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Brihaspathi superfax

Super Fax

Brihaspathi Technologies' Super Fax services are affordable, quality driven and customized as per client needs.

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