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fire alaram system

Fire alarm system which detects and notifies early message of fire before it going to happen. It also helps to reduce risk of injury or death of the person as well as minimize the damage to your property and operational disruption.  Fire Alarm System monitoring  makes you feel safe and secure over 24/7.

Components Of Fire Alarm System

    1. Control Panel: The Control Panels are of two types 2 Zone Panel and 4 Zone panel. Control Panel  is the brain of the system. All the components are connected to panel via wired loops. If any fault detects out the main panel will be gets Open circuit. By these it enables the fire alarm system is not functioning correctly.
    2. Smoke Detector:  A Smoke detector is a device that sense smoke before the fire starts.  when it detects smoke the alarm signal generates through hotter. It is of two types ionization detectors and photoelectric detectors. The Alarm battery send voltage to plate.
    3. Heat Detector: Heat detector is designed to respond when the thermal energy of fire increase. Heat Detector will be operated under “Rate of Rise” and  “Fixed Temperature”. Heat Detector will triggered when the temperature increases.
    4. Manual Call Point: Manual Alarm call point purpose for emergency conditions exits. It will operates by the push button or break glass the alarm signal can be raised.
    5. Response Indicator: It connected to automatic fire detector in order to indicate quickly response of an alarm signal from detectors.
    6. Hotter : The hotter connected separately to the control panel. when detector goes in to alarm condition. Then it communicates with main  control panel.


           1. The fire alarm system is quite affordable to make your life secure
           2. It detects heat or smoke readily.


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