Reasons to buy PTZ CCTV Cameras


The Following Reasons to buy PTZ Cameras

1.Camera View

PTZ camera can provide a full 360 degree coverage area. Based on the viewing angle, both pan and tilt can be pre-programmed to cover large areas with fewer number of PTZ cameras. This allows you to install CCTV cameras in locations like parking lots that would otherwise require larger number of cameras.
2. Camera Motion Detection
Mostly PTZ camera automatically pan, tilt or zoom to that tracks any movement, whether it is of a person or an object.
3. Weatherproof
The outdoor Pan Tilt Zoom cameras are designed to withstand in any whether conditions. The PTZ Camera bulit with strong IP ratings. PTZ Camera do not effect its efficiency with Rain,wind,dust and even extreme heat.
4. Power of zoom

PTZ cameras are equipped to provide upto 40 x zoom. It allows to capture clear images of any person or object at a distance. Mostly security surveillance of PTZ Cameras are used at parkings and shopping malls. The best part is with this zoom feature you can carry out surveillance and remain discreet.
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