Inventory Management Software For Product Based companies

Inventory software

Inventory software work with bar-code system. It is a supply chain management system. The flow of goods from manufactures to warehouses and from these facilities to customers. The system is designed to help businesses manage inventory like, sales, purchasing, shipping and related functions

The Inventory Management system is very useful for product based companies. Inventory software provides up to date information about stock like , how much of products sell and when we will sell out. By these software we can feel free and reduced profitability of lot sales and high carrying costs.

The following module’s of inventory management system:

  1. Stock In-ward / out-ward
  2. Available Stock
  3. Transfer Stock
  4. Return Stock
  5. Stock Demo
  6. Add Product

Shipments or vendor information:

  1. Latest order
  2. Received order
  3. pay order
  4. Add New Vendor

Purchase Order:

  1. In-voice List
  2. New order


  1. Bar-code
  2. Delivery Challan  with serial
  3. Delivery Challan  Value
  4. Customers wise Report

Technologies Used in inventory software :

  1. PHP
  2. .NET
  3. Java script
  4. MYSQL


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