Installation of IP Video door phones

Need of IP Video Door Phones:-

IP Video Door Phones supports video capture and streaming from Entry units to apartment units as well as two way audio conversations via an on-board microphone and speaker

In Simple words a person(x) whose  home or something is equipped with ip video door phones can gives access to someone to enter his home only after making video conversion leading to security access ( whether the person(x) is in house or abroad)


  • One DP-104 SIP IP Video Door Phone
  • One Roof for surface-mounted
  • One Panel for surface-mounted
  • One DI/DO cable
  • One connector
  • Three screw
  • One external power adaptor INPUT: 100-240V~ 50/60Hz 0.5A OUTPUT: DC 12V 1.0A
  • One RJ-45 cable



           Select a location to fix  suface mount ex: DP-104 into  the wall so that front area is used to hold ip video phone and backside is used to give power and lan connectin .

After fixing surface mount now attach the screws and the plates provided that should be attactched to surface mount so that ip video phone can be mounted on it . slowly get the lan cable from the surface mount and attach to the phone

now connect lan cable and power cable  to  backside of surface mount using lan cable nad power adaptor provided

Now, you can test the DP-104. The DP-104 SIP IP Video Door Phone allows entry with pressing a key. Caller at the front door and press “CALL” button, person inside the building can talk to callers, look at caller, then open the door.

** * Registering to  sip server will be done by the technicial . If any Quires feel free to contact us

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