How to plan outdoor surveillance projects

surveillance project

Outdoor surveillance Projects nothing but hanging cameras outside of our surroundings places near by our project site, Public walking places etc.. For such projects routing cables internally to the network and it also get complex very quickly.

Before we start the project. we should start with the site surveillance were we need it. Preplanning our project is helpful in order to understand priorities. walking through the site area gives scope of what we need to do.  By these we can  understand distances, line of sight challenges and installation obstacles much better. with the help of Google Maps we cannot understand the details of site area.

whenever we Installing an outdoor camera positions, we need to consider about the Power and Transmission.

The Main 3 different scenarios of outdoor surveillance projects are:

  1. without no Infrastructure
  2. Limited  Infrastructure
  3. about solid Infrastructure

If their is no infrastructure, to mount the camera. so, we need to place a pole first. In remote locations power could be an issue. we can require to use a solar solution. Data can be transmitted through a cellular data network.

In areas where there is limited infrastructure, there is still no secure climate controlled environment to deploy our solution. In such cases, we have to use edge camera storage or find a way to enclose a video server to record data. When this is done you will have to think of protecting the server.

Solid infrastructure gets a little easier, “Finished buildings are on site and in reasonably close distances of the camera location. This could be an office building, parking lot for example.



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