GPS Vehicle Tracking System in Hyderabad, India

Tracking System :

Brihaspathi Technologies is the most advanced GPS Vehicle Tracking System in HyderabadIndia. It comprises of high tech Vehicle Tracking Device and a great Vehicle Tracking Software.

We offer quality tracking products, and solutions for innovative Tracking Systems. Our tracking tools help in,

Distribution/Warehouse Management

Yard Management

Fleet Management

Attendance Management

Mobile Phone Services

Brihaspathi Technologies offers both hardware and software to help you identify, monitor, track, locate and manage key objects.

We offer individual or combined RFID and GPS systems to ensure seamless End-To-End Tracking and visibility from global, to local, to in-room level.

With our Tracking Systems you can monitor your assets, movement of goods and equipment, and monitor closely the vehicles in industry premises and movement of personnel across the organization.

Brihaspathi Technologies helps businesses to closely track Trailers and Containers that carry expensive and potentially dangerous things.

Beneficially, we help management to achieve enhanced visibility and control, reduce losses and thefts, make real-time stock checks, and achieve greater customer response and satisfaction for each company.

Vehicle Tracking System

vehicle tracking system combines the use of automatic vehicle location (AVL-GPS) in individual vehicles with software (PLATFORM) that collects these fleet data for a comprehensive picture of vehicle locations.

Fleet management

  • Commercial motor vehicles such as cars, vans, trucks, specialist vehicles (such as mobile construction machinery), and trailers, may include power generators and other equipment
  • Private vehicles used for work purposes (the ‘grey fleet’)
  • Aviation machinery such as aircraft
  • Ships, boats etc
  • Rail cars

Tracking Solution/ Applications

  • All types of vehicles
  • Construction Equipment and Machineries
  • Power Generators and other mobile assets
  • Persons
  • Animal and Pets

Platform Functions and Features

Here details what 4N VT & FMS Platform can do for you.

The Platform or the Software is the heart of an VT/FM System.

4N software has gone several improvements to address specific customer requirements.

  • Accounts Dashboard
  • Scalable (1 up to thousands of vehicles)
  • Supports popular GPS devices
  • Responsive website
  • Multi- user, multi groups, multi accounts
  • Accounting and management reports in various formats (Email, HTML, CSV, XML, XLS)
  • Can handle various GPS I/O (Sensors)
  • Manual and Auto Vehicle Tracking
  • GPS Live and Interval Tracking
  • Vehicle profile (Vehicle license expiration, Odometer reading, Engine hour reading, Vehicle maintenance settings)
  • Driver Profile
  • Real time mapping display
  • Remote engine cut off/ restore
  • Geozones
  • Geofence
  • Geocorridors
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Alerts (Over speeding, Power Fail, SOS, Low Battery, Geo-fence boundary breach, Etc.)
  • Reports
  • Cargo door sensor
  • Seat belt sensor
  • Passenger occupancy sensor
  • OBD
  • Trip report detail
  • Idle report
  • Geozone report
  • Odometer periodic service report
  • Engine hour periodic service report
  • Ignition report
  • Device and Driver Performance
  • License expiration
  • Historical reports
  • Monitor alerts
  • Vehicle alerts
  • Map view
  • SMS and Email notifications
  • Simplified and intuitive User Interface
  • Lot more as we are committed to improve and continually update our platform

We are the best providers of GPS Vehicle Tracking System in Hyderabad. Our GPS tracking devices are very useful you can track real time data or track later. They decrease costs and enhance profits. Keep your vehicles locations on watch with our GPS vehicle tracking system.

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