Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Varifocal Lenses.


Varifocal lenses are lenses that contain 3 different prescription powers. They are Vision of near distance, mid distance and far distance. A VF lens is similar to a zoom lens, except for one important difference: Zoom lenses stay in focus as they are zoomed in or out; a VF lens must be re-focused after any significant “zooming” adjustment.

The basic lenses have a much narrower field of version at all distance. varifocal lens cameras aperture can be adjusted quickly and easily. For example you can go from a 2.8mm lens to a 12mm lens without moving the camera.

Varifocal lenses will allow you to get an overview of a wide angle such as a Near distance, Far distance and mid distance . Fixed lenses only allow you to do one or the other which is far more limiting. It can be very beneficial to get both views quickly without having to un-mount and move the camera.

For shopping surveillance system you will be confronted with the choice of fixed lens cameras and varifocal lens cameras. Cameras with a fixed lens have a set aperture that can’t be changed. The aperture is the space through which light enters the camera and needs to be adjusted to provide a  narrower view. If you have a fixed lens camera you will not be able to adjust the angle or range unless you physically move the camera itself.


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