Fire Alarm System Suppliers

Brihaspathi Technologies deals with the sales and supply of latest and innovative Fire Alarm Systems. Each fire alarm system offers complete protection against fire accidents. Each fire alarm system is designed to meet the specifications of small to large facilities and campuses.

Brihaspathi Technologies’ Fire Alarms offer advanced, intelligent and addressable fire control features. Each fire alarm system integrates fire control panel with expandable modular components. Our fire

alarm systems can be placed under following categories:
  • Network Fire Alarm Control Panel
  • Addressable Fire Alarm and Audio Network
  • Conventional Fire Alarms
  • Intelligent Fire Alarms
  • Suppression Control Units
  • Fire and Gas Network Fire Alarms
  • Voice Evacuation Systems
  • Annunciators
  • Detection and Input Devices
  • Signalling/Output Devices
  • Speakers
  • Power Supplies
  • Tools (Installation, Programming, Testing Tools and Equipment for fire alarm systems)

Our experience with different clients across verticals tells us that, choosing the right fire protection solution means to guarantee complete protection for the facility. We go a mile ahead in fire control systems, with supply of not only fire alarm systems but also supporting equipment that helps in emergency power shutdown management, and intrusion detection system.

It is all about Protecting Lives and Property. Fire Alarm/Life Safety Systems are your first line of defense in case of fire.

Stay Alert with our Fire Protection Safety equipment…

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