Biometric System Suppliers in Hyderabad, India

Biometric T&A systems help in prompt tracking of time and attendance of 5 to more employees. You may be running any business, each employee’s reporting time and in/out movement is crucial to decide on work productivity, time sense & discipline, and reward/penalization conditions.

Brihaspathi Technologies’ Biometric T&A systems help in reducing human resources costs, easy wage calculation and human resources management. Each Biometric T&A system offers business management solutions suitable for all types and sizes of business. The T&A systems offer biometric recognition at three levels – fingerprint, iris, and face.

Applications of our Biometric T&A systems:
  • Working hour management
  • Overtime work management
  • Multi-shift management
  • Management of various work rules
Brihaspathi Technologies’ Biometric T&A systems feature:
  • Maintenance of attendance records based on fingerprints means to prevent impersonation and substitution.
  • Provide the record of attendance equally, correctly and promptly.
  • Handle T&A data from the central office/HQ that is sourced from TCP/IP-based Internet network or GPRS.
  • Prompt management of employee shifts on week basis, rotation shifts etc
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